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Our Mission

This site has been developed by our team to explore the fascinating and humorous world of pick-up lines. After all, everybody loves a good pick-up line, one way or another. And we could all use a good laugh. Aside from being an excellent icebreaker, pick-up lines infuse a great deal of humor to any conversation – whether verbal, via chat, or through social media messaging apps. 

So if you’re interested to know the “Top Picks” when it comes to pick-up lines, you’re exactly in the right place.

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Allow us to deliver to you the best pick-up lines that you can use at any given circumstance. Rest assured that we will collate only the best ones in terms of quality and wit – mostly the ones that won’t get you into trouble. Best of all, we will continue to guide you in using them by way of giving you tips and guidelines on how to master the art of smooth delivery. So keep your head up ‘coz we’re right behind you – laughing and cringing all the way – whichever you prefer.