Best Pickup Lines

“Do you have a Band-Aid? Because I scraped my knee falling for you.”

Almost every person would smile after hearing a good and witty pick-up line. A pickup line can actually be used to break the ice, make a person smile, flatter somebody, introduce your self or make an impression. It could work for some people and in some instances but sadly, not for all. 

What Is a Pick-Up line?

What a pick-up line is.
What a pick-up line is.

According to an urban dictionary, a pickup line is a manner of speech primarily employed to engage a stranger or unfamiliar person for romance, dating or sex. In other words, it is used as a conversation starter or as an ice-breaker.

It could be well-described as a “gutsy” move to get a person’s number, invite that person for a drink or a one-night stand, or possibly to check out your luck with that person in the romance department. Whatever the intention is, a pickup line is one way to informally approach a person and express your interest in him or her.

Pick up Line as a Conversation Starter

If you’ll check other resources like Wikipedia, you’ll learn that a pickup line is also referred to as a chat-up line. It is also defined as a “conversation opener” that involves a humorous display of romantic interest. Pick-up lines are also used for the purpose of advertising the wit and charm of the speaker to his or her target audience or listeners.

Since it is a conversation starter, it is relatively short and very straightforward; and is usually characterized by a funny or witty self-introduction, a catchy remark, an intriguing question, or anything that could draw attention. Furthermore, standard pick-up lines are generally infused with a good deal of humor and flattery. 

Using Pick up Lines to Make a Good Impression

There are only two things that you should keep in mind if you intend to use a pickup line to approach that hot girl you’ve been eyeing on from across the room – either she’ll stay for the conversation or she’ll stay away from you for the rest of her existence.

There’s is nothing in between. Basically, it’s an all-or-none principle for many – especially if the delivery wasn’t so smooth. So if you’re willing to take that risk with your pick-up line, you better give it your best shot. Otherwise, you could end up facing the biggest humiliation of your life. 

Still, there is nothing wrong with a good pick-up line. The fact that it could work for some means that there’s a hint of hope about it. There’s practically an element of “reading between the lines” in there. So it’s best that you anticipate the other person’s reaction.

If you’ve got the looks, charm, wit, and personality; a funny and catchy pickup line may actually do wonders for you. All it takes is confidence, certainty, and a bucketful of guts to deliver it with intent and sincerity. You’ll never know where a single pick-up line can take you.

What Makes a Good Pick-up Line?

It’s not much about the pickup line but the manner in which it is delivered. In truth and reality, there is no such thing as a good or a bad pickup line. The reason is that all pickup lines have the same anatomy – the same intent. It’s all about how you deliver them.

As a form of art, it takes mastery and spunk; and you shouldn’t buckle at any point during the delivery. Failure to deliver it entitles you to a one-way ticket towards the land of the losers. And there’s a pretty much 100% chance that you won’t love it in there.

Given this idea, it’s apparent that not anyone is gifted with the natural ability to deliver a pickup line. In the same way that not all people are born comedians.

It takes a magnanimous deal of confidence, personality, and guts to deliver a rather pathetic pickup line and make it seem like a proverbial saying or ancient fact infused with humor. So if you want to master the art, work on your confidence first to be able to deliver your pick-up line smoothly and with conviction.

Pick up Lines Evolution

Pick-up lines have gone a long way from being mere conversation starters and have evolved into other forms of expression such as humorous flattery or clever messages. In this modern generation, pick-up lines have greatly developed to accommodate different interests and intentions.

They have penetrated various forms of media including television and radio commercials, magazine print ads, billboards, and even social media platforms to draw attention or create massive and viral promotions. 

Pick-up lines are also constantly being used by the millennial people to convey witty messages or subtle hints via text messaging, dating apps, Facebook posts, Tweets, and even in their YouTube entries in an attempt to get attention. 

A Winning Comeback for Every Pickup Line

If you’re witty enough to deliver a good pick-up line, don’t get your hopes too high because it doesn’t end there. If you chance upon a person who’s wittier and craftier than you are, or someone who’s even more familiar with this game, your pick-up line may be answered with a stronger comeback. This could actually spell the chances between failure and success. Here are some examples;

Scenario: Guy approaches a hot girl in a club.

Guy: Where have you been all my life?

Girl: Oh, I’ve been busy hiding from you. 

And it goes on;

Guy: You must be an angel. Hi, I’m Michael.

Girl: And, I’m married (shows off her wedding ring).

And on;

Guy: I have a secret to tell if we can go on another round on Saturday?

Girl: Sorry but I have a headache on Saturday.

Throwing pickup lines and making comebacks can actually be a game of wits between two people. If you’re brave enough to throw a gutsy one, be courageous enough also to face for a possibly stronger comeback.

Sometimes, a conversation could go on like this for quite some time until it naturally escalates to a new level – if you’re lucky enough and only if won’t screw up during the course. It’s quite an amusing game. 

However, if it’s not your luck, the game could end immediately and face its natural death right before or after the comeback. Still, it could be fun and interesting to master the art because what used to be an apathetic line has evolved into something more.

And if you’re witty and playful enough, you can actually take advantage of it to score a date, take a chance at romance, or get someone’s attention.

We have gathered a collection of the best and winning pick-up lines for you. So gather up all that courage and confidence to deliver them the best way you can, and discover how they can create an impact.