Factors to Consider in Buying a Golf Ball 12.11.14

In playing a game of golf, one of the most important things you need to do is to find the best golf equipments for your needs and skills. One of the most important golf equipment you need to exert time and effort in choosing is the golf ball. Golf balls are needed in order to play the game of golf. Like any other golf equipments, these specialized balls are different from each other. During a game of golf, a golf ball plays a vital role and greatly affects the outcome. For most people playing the game of golf, choosing the right type of ball is a very important thing to do. Assessing and searching for the best golf ball which fits a golf player’s skills and needs is the initial step a golf player needs to do in order to gain victory in every golf game he or she will be playing.

golf ballsThe game of golf originated during the 15th century in the country of Scotland. A golf ball, during that time, is usually made of wood, feathers of a goose, and rubber. These balls can neither travel in a long distance nor fly straight when stricken. By the year 1990, the appearance of these golf balls changed. The specialized balls, during this year, was made of rubber thread wrapped around a piece of solid rubber then placed inside a hard, spherical outer shell, which is still the same pattern used these days. Because of the advanced technology these days, better balls were made for new golf players.

There are two main categories for golf balls: the recreational balls and the advanced balls. Recreational balls are used by golf players who have a normal swing speed (that’s about 80 miles per hour) and those who usually lose balls. A recreational ball has two layers with the core is softer than the cover. Compared to the price of the advanced balls, recreational balls are relatively cheaper.

On the other hand, advanced balls, generally have a softer cover, firmer core and are composed of two to three layers or more. These kinds of balls are made for strong golf players who have a heavier swing and great swing speed. Compared to the price of the recreational balls, advanced balls are more expensive but a lot of brands are offering a variety of these balls for golf players to choose from.

A golf player’s swing speed is one of the most important things to consider in selecting the best ball. A golf player with a lower swing speed usually has distance problems. A harder distance ball should be used by this kind of golf player. A golf player who has a higher swing speed but is having difficulties gaining control should be using a softer golf ball.
Other than the golf player’s swing speed, another thing to keep in mind in buying a golf ball is a player’s handicap during the game. If a golf player has a lower handicap, it means that he is a better golf player. If a golf player has a higher handicap, it means that he is a poorer golf player. For golf players with higher handicaps, the percentage of losing a ball during the game is high, so buying less expensive balls is a better and wiser choice. In addition to this, balls which have the most distance are a must for golf players with a higher handicap.

Finding the perfect golf ball for you and your needs is an achievable task. Moreover, you should always bear in your mind that in choosing the perfect golf balls, you should always consider type as well as construction in order for them to meet your needs and give you the upper hand during the game.

What to Do When Traveling with Vaporizers and E Liquids 31.10.14

Smoking is usually prohibited in airports and transport terminals. As vaporizers oreliquid e-cigarettes are supposed to be alternatives to smoking, many are wondering if they are prohibited in these locations as well. Vaporizers are not your typical cigarette. You do have to adhere to rules and regulations at all times no matter where you may be. It is important to find out for sure whether the place where you are going allows the use of e-cigarettes or not. In the United States, majority of the airports and other transport terminals are vape-friendly, so it is not a big problem when you are travelling with your vape. Just make sure that you are considerate of the people around you.

Airports and Security

Airport security is typically very strict especially with international flights. It is always a must to follow the security regulations to get through security inspection. E liquids need to be at 3.4 ounces only or less to follow the 3-1-1 rule. It should be contained in a 1QT zip-lock container or plastic bag for every passenger. For e liquids, 3.4 ounces or 100.5 ml is allowed as long as it is in the standard-sized bottle placed in a zip-lock plastic bag.

There are no rules when it comes to the kinds of devices you can bring with you. Avoid dry herb burners because these can be held by the airport security as they are associated with drugs. Although you can place it with your carry-on luggage, it is still polite to place your vaporizer inside a bin with your other loose items to make you less suspicious and not be subjec to interrogations. Also, make sure that the battery and the tank are separated. E liquids already contained in the cartomizer upon check-in of baggage is not a big deal.

While a lot of people today are already familiar wtih the basic set-up of the vaporizer, there are still some who might be suspicious about it. Some might suspect it to be a camoflage for a bomb or any destructive weapon. Leave your fancy e-cigarettes at home and stick to the more conventional models. The simpler models will invite less attention and suspicion.

You also have to be conscious about how you use your vaper. When you exhale, don’t make it a show for everyone to see. Think of the people around you feeling uncomfortable about the way you are exhaling clouds of smoke wherever you go. Even if it’s not considered as second hand smoke, it does not hurt to be considerate when you blow your vapors.

Flying with Your Vaporizer

If you can, hold your vaping until you are off the plane. It would not be considerate to be blowing vapors all around the confined space. Besides, the smoke detectors in planes are different from the conventional smoke detectors in buildings. These devices might detect the chemical components in the e liquids and trigger alarms unnecessarily. You do not want to be embarassed that way.

Keep your e cigarette inside your bag during your flight to avoid unwarranted attention. There are passengers who might regard your “contraption” with suspicion and cause panic. It is also important to remember that the pressure in the cabin changes with altitude. Liquids can expand and your tank may leak. Your plastic tank might not be able to handle the pressure. It is better to use a glass tank in your e-cigarette when flying. There is a risk, however, that the glass may break.

You can still enjoy vaping even when you are travelling. But, your enjoyment does not have to inconvenience other people. The rules and regulations in different places can vary. There are also cultural differences to think about if you are travelling out of the country. Be aware of the nuances in as far as the use of e-cigarettes is concerned so that you can be sure that you are not breaking any laws or causing other people to be uncomfortable.